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Video surveillance: when reality overcames fiction

Video surveillance: when reality overcames fiction

In the history of humanity, fiction often precedes reality. A clear example is the cult novel 1984, which already in 1949 presented a reality in which the world was watched and controlled through cameras and other monitoring and control mechanisms.

Nowadays, reality has long surpassed fiction: video surveillance has evolved significantly in recent years, becoming a fundamental element for security in both commercial and residential environments, to indispensable for the control of public areas; not in vain, video surveillance is the main tool of states to control not only crime but also to manage traffic, supervise hygiene, and ultimately, organize the city intelligently.

Although in 2024 there are no exact numbers on the amount of active surveillance cameras worldwide, a 2022 study showed that, only in China, there are more than 540 million surveillance cameras - the Asian country concentrates more than 50% of surveillance cameras worldwide.

In this post, we will conduct a thorough analysis of the current state of video surveillance services, as well as explore the trends that are shaping the future of this industry.

Security Camera Companies

Leading companies in the security camera market play a crucial role in defining standards of quality, innovation, and reliability in this industry, particularly in Mexico, a country where trust is a key factor in such delicate and decisive matters as security.

Considering the relevance of the subject, we have written in the past this comparative perspective on ADT, Prosegur, Securitas, and other well-established security companies.

A significant issue with traditional security camera companies is linked to their cost and contract conditions: the market norm is to offer expensive and complicated contracts, which, thanks to complex fine print and an advanced payment retention system, make it really difficult to break them when the user wishes to.

This issue has generated a huge number of unsatisfied users seeking more economical, transparent, simple, and accessible solutions like those offered by cuid, which also provides complete surveillance packages and devices at unique prices in the market, starting from only 449 MXN per month.

Home Security Camera System

The home security camera system market is experiencing rapid evolution driven by innovations for home security and emerging smart home technology.

From smart surveillance systems to integration with connected home devices, the options to protect our homes are constantly expanding. Therefore, before contracting your video surveillance service, consider whether the cameras and sensors you are going to acquire can be integrated into a centralized app and, likewise, with your smart home system.

Get all your doubts cleared before making any investment in your security!

Currently, there are more than 5,400 registered security companies in Mexico. Some offer advanced defense systems for large companies, while others, with just a car and a few motorcycles, boast of providing "comprehensive protection" without really having the resources and technology to proactively protect us, so contacting their sales team and requesting a detailed personalized solution, without unnecessary expenses or extra equipment, is the first thing you should do when you decide to contract your video surveillance service.

If you want to know how we can help you find a personalized solution for your home or business from cuid, call now at 800 733 4114 and one of our security experts will provide you with immediate free advice.
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